First Hyperion recognizes that organizational success hinges on the selection, development, and retention of great people.

We have designed our people strategy with the help of corporate culture icon, Ann Rhoades. First Hyperion is committed to becoming the industry’s premier leadership development organization by focusing our efforts on building, equipping, and empowering leaders to make real-time decisions at the point of impact. Our shared value system is rooted in our conviction that everything begins and ends with our most important asset…our people.


Empowering decentralized leadership, we have developed a measurable, repeatable, and transferrable framework that enables management to make thoughtful, moral, and commercially sound business decisions with independence and decisiveness.

Focused on creating an environment where decisions are made with speed and accountability, First Hyperion is committed to pairing industry best practices with the collection, analysis, and integration of accurate and valuable data to drive organizational performance with unprecedented visibility. The only thing more powerful than great people leveraging a proven process is an unwavering daily commitment to continuous improvement on both fronts.


First Hyperion’s “Buy, Build, Hold” strategy empowers us to preserve the invaluable family legacy and corporate identity of the companies who partner with us.

To accomplish this, First Hyperion is focused on two things…

  1. Protecting and growing the legacy goodwill that our partners have worked so hard to build;
  2. Driving alignment throughout the organization.

We have designed a system for shared wealth creation aimed at unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of our people. As a result, when we win…we win together.